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Sell your supplies or machines!

Posted on Tue, 3 Aug 2004 at 17:53

38,103 printer list with contact names ,sell your

We accept credit card and check payments. Our

number is 1-800-455-2975.

38,103 printer list w/ contact names ,sell your

machine Sell your machine by sending faxes. Sell

your machines and supplies by sending faxes to

the decision maker(ex. owner or V.P.) This is how

it it laid out.
Name of Company
Contact Name
Phone Number
Fax Number Where Available
Mailing Address
Size of Company (based on employee size)

Accuracy of List 92% accuracy guarantee

The list will be emailed to you in a spread sheet

format..generally in excel format unless otherwise

requested. (or) a CD can be mailed to you as well.

Price Buy the entire list and pay only .02 a record.

(sold elsewhere at 6 times this price) Buy any

portion and pay only .04 a record. (sold elsewhere

at 3 times this price) Payment Mode: Check, Check

by Fax, or Credit Card

Chris Stein NTL Marketing Group, Inc.


Location of Opportunity or Item

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