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Tips and tricks for clean up, mixing ink?

Posted on Thu, 27 May 2004 at 5:25

Want to here what others use for equipment to get the pad printing busniess to be less of a hassle.

1. My ink suplier on supplies ink on 1 kg containers, getting 30-40 grams of in from these containers is a messy operation (Pouring and lifting some in out with ink mixing sticks). Anyone found any better solution on this? Had an idea of pouring the ink over to metal bottles that are easier to pour from, but the some inks cant almost be poured..

2. Much ink is left in the ink cup, after trying to pour everything out after printing before placing it in the parts washer. Anyone found a solution on this problem? Perhaps a stand where one could put the ink cups and let them sit for a while, but I guess it has to be some closed container otherwise the ink would proberly drie....

Please share your ideas and tricks on how to make pad printing a less hassle..

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