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Adhesive for making frames

Posted on Tue, 4 May 2004 at 18:17

We offer the lowest prices on Instant Adhesive and Aerosol activator systems. Give us a call at: 480-633-6350. All viscosities available.

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Anonymous says: Can I sample some? posted on: Wed, 06/09/2004 - 11:25pm
Anonymous says: do you sell kiwo bond 1000? this is by far the best adhesive we have used. it creates an extremely strong bond, and can withstand some of the harshest chemicals. -chris posted on: Fri, 06/25/2004 - 5:23pm
Anonymous says: Sorry, I have not been on this site for over a year. Are you still looking for a sample? posted on: Sun, 11/20/2005 - 8:15pm

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