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Get Ready to Be Fashionable with a Scarf

Posted on Thu, 28 Jun 2012 at 10:50

Long gone are the days when an ordinary scarf has just a single use. Nowadays, people are getting more and more creative in using various items as accessories. Yes, items such as scarves still have their practical uses but they can also instantly bring a person into the fashionable side.

The Traditional Uses of Scarves

Scarves are traditionally used to serve specific purposes. For example, scarves can be used during colder seasons or in places with harsh climates so as to provide extra protection from the cold, wind and even sand. People wear scarves around their necks, on their heads and even around their shoulders to provide physical protection from natural elements.

Scarves can provide extra protection from the cold during winter or rainy season. One can be wrapped around the neck so as not to feel numb and chilly in the cold. Scarves can also be worn over the head to provide protection against the harsh heat of the sun and from even from sand.
Scarves as Fashion Accessories

Then again, scarves are not merely functional. They can become fashion accessories and can even be used to make a statement.
For example, wearing chiffon scarves, floral scarves and satin scarves can make a person not just to look good but also to feel more feminine. Square scarves are very popular in the corporate and business setting as they can accent even the plainest of formal office attire and turn it into an eye-catcher. Scarves with animal-prints can make a bold statement; be it about your mood, your personality or just the person you want to be today. Polka dot scarves can help one express being chic and fun at the same time. Silk scarves and pashminas are not only fashion-savers but they also offer oh-so-much comfort that you feel pampered all day long.

A scarf is not just for the body. It can also be used on other items as part of fashion sense expression. For example, instead of using scarves as direct body accessories, one can also use them to decorate bags or to give life to a plain-looking luggage. Learn to mix and match scarves with bags and one would be surprised how a few owned bags can seem more.

Scarves worn over the head are not just for protection of the hair and head anymore. Nowadays, they can be solely used for fashion as well as to express moods. Bandannas, for instance, can make one feel sporty and adventurous. There are those specifically classified as headbands or wraps that hold the hair and also help express femininity.

There are also snoods that can both provide warmth and comfort while helping a person be so easily fashionable. Snoods are actually tubular scarves or headgear but can be worn around the neck, over the head, and behind the ears, too. These items come in various materials and styles including chiffon, tight knit and loose knit presentations.
Whether one is ready to call them a scarf, a headgear, a pashmina, a shawl, a bandanna or even a neckerchief, it is definitely undeniable that this single item can do wonders not just for comfort but also for fashion.

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