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Homemade Print Tables

Posted on Wed, 16 Nov 2005 at 7:25

I'm setting up shop in my garage, so my space is limited and I'm drawing out plans for a custom multicolor table top press. I have been trying to find plans or pictures online to get ideas. I'm looking to build a table with clamps on hinges (at least 4)lined up side by side going down the length of the table with my flash dryer at the end (or maybe a conveyer dryer under the table). I was thinking about putting registration pins on my t-shirt board somehow, so when I move the shirt down the line I can have it lock into registration. If any one has any pictures or know where I can find pictures of homemade set ups I would love to see how others have got around print station space problems.

Any pictures of homemade registration clamps or anything at all related would be great.


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