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Inkjet design on paper... not transparency?

Posted on Sun, 14 Nov 2004 at 1:58

I just bought a bunch of stuff to do screenprinting at home... so far Ive been going to a print shop and printing my designs on transparencys... can I just print a design on regular printer paper here at home, and if so, will I have to increase my exposure time/and/or/ trace over the printed design in a black marker or something?

Im useing a 200watt bulb... my first exposure was at 30 minutes, but any midtones were completly black... so I droped it to 20 min on my other design [but i didnt have midtones, so that wasent too good of a test] but 20 minutes caused some extra emulsion to be washed out... so anyway...

basically, are the transparencys completly necessary?

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