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Need some help

Posted on Sat, 17 Jan 2004 at 22:31

Hello all,

here is a story... I wanted to start making a screen printed coroplast yard signs. So I bought from one company some mesh material (250), and acryllic solvent based black and red inks. Then i builded a frame 18"x24 using .5"x.5" square wood, I streched mesh on it (as good as possible close to tear it apart). Then I cut using my plotter a "stencil" on a regular intermidiate sign vinyl (oracal 650) and applied it to a screen. Then I put it on a piece of coro, put some ink on it, squeeze it with a standard 4" vinyl sign squeege, took it up and my printed sign was a mess - letters were not shap with a almost 1/4" blur around. Then I tryed to put vinyl on an other side of a mesh, I used some ink thinner, etc - same result.

Can you please tell me what I'm I doing wrong? Or only one method is to buy that expencive burner unit and use it with that photo film?
Any info is greatly appriciates.


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