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New Flourescent Exposing Bulbs: Blacklight or Noth

Posted on Wed, 27 Sep 2006 at 20:35

When I first acquired my exposing unit, it took about 20-25 seconds to expose a screen (7 20w F20T12/B (blue) bulbs) using Imagemate PC701 emulsion. Now it takes over a minute. Dual-Core takes ~4 minutes. So, I've decided it'd be worth the saved time to replace the bulbs.

I've read that Blacklight UV bulbs have provided "a substatial benefit" to exposing screens with flourescent bulbs. I was wondering if anyone actually has a system using Blacklight bulbs and what their experience was.

One reason I would like to switch to blacklight is because they are readily available at HomeDepot for $13 each. Direct replacement blue bulbs (F20T12/b) are about $15 and only available online so add on shipping cost and time.

Thanks for your help,

Spencer Kellogg

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