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Posting Guidelines

Posted on Mon, 15 Jan 2007 at 10:49

Please note the following guidelines for posting:

Post your message one time, and only post it in the appropriate forum.

If you're absolutely unsure of where to post your message, please post it in the General Discussion area and only post it once. Cross-posted messages will be deleted. Messages posted in the wrong forums will be moved to the appropriate areas or, if necessary, locked or deleted.

Refrain from personal attacks.

The primary purpose of these forums is to share knowledge and experience. No one says you must agree with everything you read or become friends with those who post here. However, if you wish to participate here, you must conduct yourself in a professional manner. That means no personal attacks, flames, etc. Posts such as these will be deleted.

Following these guidelines will ensure that the forums at remain organized and friendly. Thank you for your cooperation.

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