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35 Year Veteran seeks contracts outside US

Posted on Sun, 1 Jan 2006 at 18:26

35 years experience in garment printing, flat stock and fine art limited editions.
I'm a published author (Screen Printing Producion Management), have been a technical consultant in Mexico for 5 years (1992-1997)
with PEER Sa de CV in Mexico City and Avanti Textil in Toluca. I have a BFA degree in fine arts, create design lines, R&D for production,etc. I'm looking for a return to the trades with the idea that I can combine artistic sensibilities with my long career in screen printing into one job and do this outside the US.
If you're looking for artistic and production savy combined, I can be reached in Seattle @ 206-545-1345 (Fax is same)
or at e-mail: -
Richard Webb

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