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Individual & Shop Training

Posted on Tue, 21 Jul 2009 at 11:49

My name is Marv Guillot and I've been in the Screen Printing industry going on 32 years. I’m currently doing business as The Print Surgeon, starting as an artist before the advent of computers and cameras.

I have quickly moved into diverse areas of the industry absorbing then analyzing information and applying it through practical, everyday practices. I consult and set up factories from equipment acquisition, shop set-up, employee training, quality control systems and production layouts.

I also have vast experience with manual/automatic equipment, all prepress systems and I advise patients both domestic and internationally. I’ve managed my own successful print business for 12 years and managed other print houses, achieved many goals and strive to perfect many more through practical applications.

Now I have turned to training others full time to enhance their abilities and capabilities in the screen print industry. From one employee to one hundred there are simple, economic solutions for today’s screen printers.

Just call The Print Surgeon today for your diagnosis and cure.

Marv Guillot is

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