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Jars gas price a month and

Posted on Fri, 13 May 2011 at 5:12

International oil starzmart prices rising gas into bullish, jar. Yesterday, reporter from city gas company to learn, from early march to mid April, liquefied gas price has realized even jump ", "four more than those of the corresponding price levels.Crude oil, gas prices rising forum "things"According tablet pc to former experience, generally after the Spring Festival passes, gas prices would drop jugs. But by the international oil price rise, beginning in March, 13 kg jars gas price maintained all the way from 100 yuan, up to $115 of mid April, or 15%,

liquefied natural gas into rising by march, has every tons of 6,000 multivariate rose to 7000 multivariate.per ton in rising 1000 yuan, average every bottle of gas will rise 13 yuan, and this number will increase in oil prices do not include the tolls and other labor cost.The gas best ebook reader prices for recent jar to ZhangHaoPing think, from liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the market to see, now $115 / bottle of 13 kg liquefied natural gas price, or not will remain high situation.Reporters from hot spring osmanthus LuMou liquefied petroleum gas station to realize,

Deal with price hikes, citizens convert electrical appliances´╝îAlthough liquefied natural gas prices, not sales of the seller's market fluctuation, but for the life of citizens have certain effect. Many liquefied petroleum gas users said jars gas as necessities, once rise, to family long-term spending increase many burden.The WenQuanYang live under ms said that as the family van, the video baby monitors increase of population increase, the burden jugs gas demand change heavy. In children's recommendation, she had to take 3,000 yuan and bought a speed thermoelectric water heater.The idea of ms and van as the citizen is not a few, many citizens begin

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