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operations help

Posted on Wed, 3 Aug 2005 at 14:15

30 years experience in Southern California

10 years production (sakuri, screen making, prod mgr, color matcher)
10 years sales (ink and screen supply manufacturer's rep).
10 years large format screen printing operations (estimating, purchasing, material mgr, order entry, computer IT)

I can enhance and expand any Microsoft office based operations program whether store bought or custom created.

Very familiar with the CRC or Kaizen software programs. Can customize and expand their databases with SQL, Visual Basic and Crystal Reports software.

What do you need.
Do you need to bring a current activity or department under control or get it ready for expansion or change?
What's the "next big thing" you've wanted to implement and just were waiting for the right help to come along?
Where is it that you have to "step up" and implement that new technology, that your competitors are already using, in order to stay competitive?

If you would like to explore the possibilities, reply to this thread with an e-mail or leave a message for Rocky @ 714-914-4427

Location of Opportunity or Item

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