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Posted on Sun, 16 Oct 2005 at 18:21

Lectra has identified offers for the sale of unauthorized copies of its software on this discussion forum.

Such offers constitute a violation of Lectra’s intellectual property rights. Copyright and patent laws strictly prohibit the sale (?) and use of unauthorized software. Violators are subject to severe punishment.

Lectra takes the protection of its intellectual property very seriously. The company closely monitors a wide range of Web sites for signs of infringement, and makes full use of all legal remedies at its disposal to prosecute unauthorized distribution and use of its software.

Potential buyers of such illegal products should realize that they face a significant risk of paying for software which will in fact never be delivered. We encourage you to beware of such offers.

If you are interested in Lectra software, we invite you to contact us at The company will be happy to provide all the licenses you require and, unlike unlawful distributors, to provide you with all the support and services you deserve.

Lectra’s Intellectual Property Department.

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