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I need a Printer to print my positives

Posted on Fri, 20 Aug 2004 at 15:53

I've been screeprinting about a year now and have learned a lot and i really like it a lot. I'm a student and on a total budge and basically had to print out my positives using my hp 895cse deskjet.. I told myself when i save up enough I will get a better printer to print my positives. Now is the time..woohoo! I was so sick and tired of having to print like 4 copies of my design on transparency so the design is dense enought to prevent light from coming in. Now imagine a 4 color shirt .... which had a total of 16 Im doing screenprinting and sublimation and now im moving more towards screenprinting if i have a perfect printer to print ou my positives....

So if you can please recommend a top printer under 500.00 to print out my positives, i will reallly appreciate it.... I'm looking for one that i can basically print one transparencey or film and it will be dense enough to burn... Please don't recommend me to go to kinkos.. .they really don't work well (for me at least.... told the worker to make it dense as possible..) and it turns out even 3 transparencies they printed for me didn't even get the screeen washed out...

Also... do i need like fast films or something to make my prints darker then usuall... I hope not since that software cost a lot and im thanks

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