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  • Replacing glass is a part of life for those who use exposure units. Coudray examines the ways in which various types of glass affect exposure efficiency.
  • Establishing best practices in the art department can save time and boost quality. Trimingham describes some methods you can use to initiate such improvements.
  • Roberts recounts his visit to a graphics screen-printing company in Frankfurt, Germany and shares the valuable lessons he learned from the pristine, efficient shop.
  • Xanté Plans to Acquire RIPit Imaging System and Exxtra Imaging Systems, Inc.
  • Sawgrass Technologies
  • Established shop procedures have a nasty way of drifing over time. Discover methods you can use to establish and maintain control over the way processes are executed.
  • Four-color-process printing can be a real challenge, and it only gets tougher when the job involves photographic reproduction. Learn about methods you can use to incorporate photos into your garment designs, boost their color, and enhance their edge definition.
  • The interaction between image files and your RIP system can leave your clients impressed or your prepress staff distressed. Mandel explains how you can improve the relations between these two critical elements of digital imaging.