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  • This article describes methods for limiting the occurrence of destructive patterns in screen printing.
  • The art of troubleshooting relies heavily on the science of identifying and managing variables. Find out how to develop the skill to spot problems with screen tension, moir
  • An article we featured in July about an experiment to determine the best color order for process-color screen printing drew an insightful response from master printer Michel Caza. Learn what he sees as the key factors for getting the most accurate and intense colors out of a four-color inkset.
  • What's the best order to print the four colors in four-color process? A definitive conclusion has eluded even the most technical screen printers. Read on to discover how scientific experimentation has established a better answer.
  • Learn how to work extra color separations into your jobs without creating moiré in your prints.
  • Learn how to overcome naturally occurring moiré by combining conventional and stochastic halftones on the same printing screen.
  • Wolff explores the idiosyncrasies of screen-printing idioms and explains why it's so important for printers to share a common vocabulary.
  • Unpredictable and unwanted, moiré can devastate your halftone and process-color work. A collection of recommendations that you can use to make moiré go away...

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