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Rick Davis

Recent Stories

  • Standardization is a key part of preventing costly quality-control issues on press.
  • If high rates of seconds are increasing your costs and creating unwanted downtime, have a look at the quality control remedies Davis discusses for each stage of the garment-printing process.
  • Discover how artwork, screenmaking, inks, and curing influence quality when working with lightweight apparel.
  • Picking a white ink is a simple matter when you only print on one type of fabric
  • Long print runs on manual presses can be an exhausting proposition. Davis describes an alternative method of squeegee handling that can aid you in the task.
  • Small shops can get into big trouble when they neglect to test their supplies and document procedures. Use this overview to avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Making the most of your consumables is key to surviving tough times. Davis explains how to get the most mileage out of inks, emulsion, cleaning chemicals, and other supplies by optimizing screen tension.
  • Major shifts in the garment race have blocked many printers from the finish line. Find out what you can do to stay in the running during an economic downturn.