3D-Printed Car Adds Drama to Opera

Italian printer Colorzenith used a Massivit 1800 to create the Lancia Aurelia B24 replica.

A car is an excellent example of the breadth of screen printing, because of everything in it that is printed; but that never applied to the vehicle itself. This 3D-printed auto was crafted as a set piece for the “Don Pasquale” opera performed at La Scala in Milan. Italy-based printer Colorzenith used its Massivit 1800 3D printer to create the life-size replica of a Lancia Aurelia B24. The vehicle was printed in four parts in less than four days, fused together with a metal frame, then sanded and finished, to create a 14 x 4-foot lightweight prop for an iconic scene during which soprano Rosa Feola descends from the ceiling in the car.  

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