SGIA’s Q1 Benchmarking Report

Insight into garment decoration markets.

Screen Printing Editor

SGIA’s first 2019 quarterly benchmarking survey queried garment decoration companies on products and markets in their industries. With responses from 94 garment decoration businesses, insights include:

  • The average number of markets served is seven, with five products produced; 96.6 percent offer T-shirts, 80.5 percent bags, 75.9 percent hats/caps, and 79.3 percent performance wear.  
  • Top markets served include 73.5 percent business-to-consumer, 71.1 percent athletic, 69.9 percent corporate branding, 61.4 percent educational institutions, and 61.4 percent nonprofits.
  • Markets with the highest growth potential: interior décor, architecture, printing for the trade, business-to-consumer, and healthcare.
  • 78 percent of companies have fewer than 20 employees; 78.2 percent have a sales revenue of $3 million or less; and 14.4 percent top $10 million in sales.
  • Garment decorators tend to offer additional products in other industry segments, most commonly graphic and sign (28.7 percent).
  • 75.6 percent use a multi-technology approach to operations, with 17.9 percent being mostly digital and 34.6 percent mostly analog.
  • 52.6 percent provide some type of finishing and/or post-production services, most commonly bagging/tagging and fulfillment.
  • 79.4 percent experienced positive sales growth, with 8.3 percent median sales growth during the past year.
  • 28.8 percent report an increase in employment; 51.6 percent plan to hire more people.
  • 76.7 percent of respondents were confident about the industry.

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