10 Mil Optically Clear Polyester Overlaminate

Lintec America's new Lintec E-435ZC overlaminate

Lintec of America, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, introduces a new 10 mil optically clear polyester overlaminate. The new Lintec E-435ZC is a strong 10 mil optically clear polyester with permanent acrylic adhesive and polyester release liner designed to maintain the highest clarity. E-435ZC was developed for use as an alternative to rigid sheets such as polycarbonate or acrylic. E-435ZC was designed to prevent color shifting of the protected image to maintain the original color and appearance of your image. Please call 800 806-8977 or email us at info@lintecofamerica.com if interested in a sample. Please visit our website www.digitalwindowgraphics.com for more information.

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