4D Printing to Hit Markets by 2019

Market research predicts commercial explosion in coming decade.

Research and Markets has released a study on the global 4D printing market outlook through 2027. Most simply defined as objects that transform over time, 4D-printed materials are engineered to react to external conditions, such as temperature and pressure, to change their properties and behavior. Possible applications range from “smart” garments that react to humidity to biomedical implants to solar panels launched compactly into space, taking their true shape only upon reaching a satellite.

Research and Markets’ report predicts that 4D-printing technology will be commercialized by 2019 and that a CAGR of 40 percent will follow through 2027. The study examines the market from a variety of angles, including materials (carbon fiber, wood grain, fabric), region, and application (aerospace, military, automotive, clothing, construction, healthcare). The authors expect the military and defense sector to be at the forefront of the technology’s development.

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