A Partial List of Industrial Applications for Screen Printing

Screen's foothold is anything but weak in the realm of functional printing; the possibilities, truly, are endless.

Our special "SWOT: Changes & Challenges" issue brings industry experts together to consider strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to screen printing. Zoomer's analysis of one of screen printing's strongest areas, functional printing, includes a partial list of potential applications. Click each link to learn more about some of the most lucrative possibilities.

Photovoltaic (solar) cells;

Telephone cards;
Smart cards;
Scratch cards;
Public transportation tickets;
Paper-thin batteries for toys and gift cards;
(Backlit) signage;
Stealth applications, such as a collision protection for wind farms at sea;
And security features for money and banknotes.

Medical applications include:
Blood glucose test strips;
And instrument monitors.

Printed electronics include:
Touch panels and displays (including electric wiring);
Automotive applications (such as rear window defrosters, black windshield borders that protect the glass adhesive, and integrated GPS with antennae);
RFID tags;
Printed architectural glass;

Glass panes with integrated photovoltaic cells;
And smart packaging.

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