Adelco Adds Eco-Tex Gas Dryer

Designed for lower energy consumption.

Adelco has released Eco-Tex, a high-production conveyor gas dryer designed to reduce energy consumption along with the cost of operation. Distributed by Hirsch Solutions, the dryer features a modular design that allows users to choose the exact length of the machine, with the option to expand at any time. Five widths are available from 40 to 72 in. Other features include an optional gas-flow indicator for usage tracking; triple insulation with an air curtain to reduce heat loss; and air-intake valves on both sides for improved heat distribution and more evenly cured garments. The dryer’s exhaust outlet valve is easily adjustable, and the lint filter, which does not require a replacement, is removable from either side. The end panels are also removable for cleaning. A touchscreen control panel enables job adjustments, and records any safety and temperature-fluctuation mishaps.

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