Air Waves, Inc. Opens Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment services for garment printing will operate out of Columbus, OH.

Michael Leaventon, COO of Air Waves, Inc., announced the opening of a new Fulfillment Center in Columbus, OH.

"In order to meet the needs of our rapidly growing customer base, we have opened our first of 3 planned fulfillment centers," says Leaventon. "Our garment decorating and finishing business is seeing increased demand due to the expansion of e-commerce business. Our customers aren’t asking this of us, but rather demanding it from us."

Airways offers a full suite of fulfillment services aimed at apparel decoration for e-commerce, events and wholesale distribution. This service  allows companies to have the ability to control costs and mark downs through the creation of dynamic “vapor” SKUs. This method allows for a multitude of non-inventoried SKUs to be converted on demand for one piece orders or wholesale distribution to brick and mortar retailers.

Our customers, both online stores and traditional retailers, have been looking for solutions to mark-downs and inventory bloat for years. We have created an analysis tool that compares cost of direct to garment, traditional on garment screen printing and the fulfillment solution offered by Air Waves.

To learn more about Air Waves Fulfillment Services and our online analysis tool, check out



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