An Ink Good Enough to Eat?

Safe, renewable -- and tasty

Rick Roth, president of Pawtucket, RI-based Mirror Image, recently used his passion for the environment to formulate an edible screen-printing ink for garment decoration. Roth, who says he’s always involved in finding more earth-friendly ways of screen printing on shirts, notes that his new ink is made of all certified-organic, plant-based materials. “It’s not only safe,” he explains, “it’s renewable.”

To put his money where his mouth is, so to speak, Roth is seen in a video recording, entitled “The Ink Kitchen,” where he screen prints a shirt and then takes a spoonful of ink and eats it. The design he prints? The word “Yummy.”

“It tasted alright, actually,” Roth says. “I have made two colors. The red color actually tasted really good, but the brown color I wouldn’t eat for breakfast. But both were safe and I could have eaten the whole bucket.”

Roth is unsure of the commercial applications for his new inks, but he says he’s working on them. For more information, visit


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