Anti-Counterfeit Polycarbonate Film

Bayer MaterialScience

Makrofol ID ProteXXion is a new polycarbonate film from Bayer MaterialScience
( billed as the latest weapon in the war against fraud with counterfeit cards. The film contains tiny metallic identification particles (OVDot) that are distributed randomly, but can be arranged in customized patterns, to deliver identification-security features. Bayer MaterialScience says the overlay film can be used to give polycarbonate security documents, such as IDs, passports, licenses and, in the future, credit cards—an unmistakable, unique surface. The company also notes that the film holds excellent potential for protecting high-quality branded articles and producing counterfeit-proof labels. The metal particles, which measure about 0.004 in. (0.1 mm), can also include alphanumeric information, such as letters, to meet specific customer requirements. Logos, pictograms and national emblems can also be incorporated. The new film is available in a standard thickness of 100 µm. It can be formed when either hot or cold and back-injected with thermoplastics using the film-insert-molding (FIM) process and can be decorated beforehand using screen printing or laser engraving.

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