April Fools

A funny thing happened on the way to our printer...

Many of you will soon be receiving the April/May edition of Screen Printing magazine, and you’ll experience an overwhelming sense of déjà vu when you get to page 18 – which, in fact, will be completely understandable. Due to a production snafu, the PDF for this page was accidentally replaced with the same content (the opening page of Tim Greene’s “The Digital Dimension” column) that appears in the same issue just four pages earlier. Page 18 should have contained the conclusion to Mark Coudray’s “Business Perspectives” column, as well as an advertisement from Condé Systems (www.conde.com).

Though we’re tempted to pass off this error as an intentional April 1 hoax, we must ’fess up and admit it was a breakdown in our final proofing processes. Consider it a cautionary example of what can go wrong when your prepress systems aren’t buttoned down – the very problem that color management expert Mike Ruff discusses in the cover story of this issue.

Fortunately, while today’s streamlined production technologies don’t provide as many redundant checks and balances as before, they do allow us to immediately make amends in our digital edition. We encourage you to read this month’s issue at http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/STMG/sp_20150405/#/0, where Mark’s column appears in its entirety.

We apologize to Condé Systems, Mark, and our readers for the confusion.

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