Armiento: “The Additive Manufacturing Revolution Has Arrived”

SGIA printed electronics keynoter speaks on expanding market.

Craig Armiento, director of the Printed Electronics Research Collaborative, has revealed plans for his session November 3 at the SGIA Expo Printed Electronics Symposium. Armiento will speak on the rapidly growing sector of printed and flexible electronics in a talk entitled “Printed Electronics for the Defense Industry: Technology Development Through Corporate/Government/Academic Partnerships” at 8:45 a.m.

“The additive manufacturing revolution has arrived,” says the co-director of the Raytheon-UMass Lowell Research Institute, “and it will change the form factor from today’s rigid circuit boards to electronics that are flexible, conformable, wearable, and integrated into 3D objects. Printing electronically functional inks on non-conventional materials will expand the reach of electronics, as well as impact the paper, plastics, and textile industries.”

The session will cover topics from exploiting new industry opportunities, to technical challenges of transition from rigid to flexible materials, to workflow improvement with CAD-driven production.

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