ASPT Welcomes Three

Mike Ruff (ReyHan PGF), Herman G. Haffner (Nor-Cote Int’l), and E.L. “Dutch” Drehle (SGIA) Become Newest Members of ASPT

Mike Ruff (ReyHan PGF), Herman G. Haffner (Nor-Cote Int’l), and E.L. “Dutch” Drehle (SGIA) are the newest members of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology. ASPT inductees are chosen by their peers.

Ruff is chief technology officer at ReyHan. He’s spent nearly 35 years in the graphics industry, and during that time founded Missouri Poster & Banner and PGF Megafilm. He’s an instructor at the Screen Printing Technical Foundation, where he teaches the Graphics Four Color Workshop.

Haffner is CEO of Nor-Cote Int’l. He’s spent a great deal of time promoting the benefits of UV-curable inks and was involved in initial research into the effects of infrared heat on UV curing. Most recently, he has dedicated himself to UV-curable conductive inks for EL lamps, RFID systems, and membrane switches.

Drehle’s career in the industry spans four decades. He’s held several positions at SGIA and was involved in establishing the Screen Printing Technical Foundation. Drehle is also a member of ISO TC 130, a group that develops standards for four-color-process screen printing. He currently serves as an adviser through SGIA’s ASSIST line.

Those who are inducted into the ASPT are recognized for their contributions to the technical growth and advancement of screen printing. For more information, visit

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