ATMA PC G6 Four-Post Screen Printing Press

Distributed by RH Solutions, the press is designed specifically for close-tolerance applications.

Atma Equipment’s latest model in its ATMAPC line of close-tolerance screen-printing presses, the G6 version, is designed specifically for industrial, printed-circuit board, and other high-tech applications. Distributed exclusively in North America by RH Solutions (, the four-post G6 machine is designed to print onto rigid and flexible non-deforming flat films as well as applications such as LCDs, light guide panels, overlays, nameplates, flexible circuits, instrumentation panels, appliance decoration, labels, and more. The machine is available in two models: the 67 (print area of 23 x 29 in.) and 710 (print area of 29 x 41 in.). Features include touch-screen digital control panel with job storage, servomotor drives, servo-synchronized peel-off, and selectable auto-gripper take-off. Options include clean roller, static eliminator, dripless squeegee, and registration pins.

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