Automatic Garment Press


M&R says its Challenger III D, with Dynamic PrintStroke, brings a new dimension to automatic garment printing. Dynamic PrintStroke is designed to provide infinitely programmable squeegee pressure, print/flood speed, print-stroke length, and front or rear carriage stops. The squeegee pressure setting can be varied between print strokes, offering dynamic control over ink deposit. These programmable print parameters and others can be named, saved, and stored as a unique print program in M&R’s Job Recall system. Challenger III D features a servo-driven indexer; servo-driven printheads; tool-free, calibrated angle adjustments; touchscreen control; and more. Operators can preheat platens to the desired temperature and track those temperatures throughout the production run. Each printhead includes a touchscreen that provides digital control over squeegee pressure and squeegee and floodbar speeds. A socket on each printhead allows the positioning of a flash-cure unit in any station and on-the-fly adjustments from the main control panel.

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