AXYZ International Releases Trident Cutter/Router

Multiple functions in one machine.

Designed to provide small to medium sized shops with the functionality that traditionally required two or more machines, the Trident cutter/router from AXYZ International ( features a triple-head carriage design. A 10-hp router can cut non-ferrous metals, acrylic, wood, and composites; an oscillating knife cuts clean edges on materials such as soft or hard foam boards; and a tangential knife cuts harder and heavier materials such as card stock, foils, corrugated substrates, and most laminates. Designed with the same table as the company’s AXYZ Series, the Trident’s processing area can range from 4 to 7 ft wide and up to 40 ft long. A helical rack-and-pinion system on both the X and Y axes ensure precision, while servo drive motors on all axes allow for faster cutting. Other features include a vision system that locates conventional registration marks and automatically adjusts the machine’s path, numerous interchangeable blade attachments, and automatic tool changer.

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