Bio-Degradable Decals

Vitachrome Graphics

Vitachrome Graphics describes its Biodecal as the first commercially viable and cost-effective alternative to traditional Mylar and PVC-based decals. Biodecal is a non-film-based decal suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It’s manufactured using only water-based inks, water-based adhesives, and a degradable paper liner. Biodecal, when applied, is completely inert, according to Vitachrome. What remains of the decal upon removal is water-based paint that reportedly weighs 98% less than traditional pressure-sensitive decals. Vitachrome says the decal creates less pressure on the earth’s resources and landfills and offers color fastness and life expectancy comparable to other traditional types of decals—and does so at no additional cost. Spindle Co., Inc./Vitachrome Graphics Group Inc., 3710 Park Place, Montrose, CA 91020, 818-957-0900, 800-742-5507, fax: 818-957-0035, Web: www.spindleco.com.

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