Bordeaux’ End-to-End Textile Printer and Universal Pigment Ink

New Velvet Jet system spans pre- and post-treatments.

Bordeaux has revealed its new Velvet Jet direct-to-textile imaging system, offering a modular system encompassing a pre-treater, printer, heater, and takeup unit. Each machine can be set up individually or as part of a full production line, which spans approximately 20 ft. The platform runs on the company’s Eden PG pigment ink, engineered to print on any type of textile; applications include short- and medium-sized fashion and decorative jobs.

Production begins at the Velvet Jet PD185 padder, which applies pretreatment on any fabric in a single step. Material is transferred to the PB180 printer, offering print speeds up to 1290 sq ft/hr with 4 printheads (also configurable with 8 or 16 heads). Eden PG is offered in CMYKcmOG. A sticky belt is designed to handle any fabric.

A synchro-unit maintains media tension in transition from the printer to the final step for inline users, the HT180 heater. Drying is completed in 3 min at 300 F, and no other finishing is required, according to the company. Fabric can then be rolled onto the TU165 takeup system.

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