Bridge Laser Machines


Hirsch now offers the new Seit SL-10 Series Bridge Laser machines. According to the company, Seit recently updated its systems with improvements that increase production speed, improve safety, allow for more precise cutting and offer a larger cutting area.

The new SL-10 series has a CAN-BUS controller that's designed to simplify communication between the laser and related devices such as the security scanner, laser head, and laser source. It offers real-time control and monitoring of the main components.

The new active security system offers two security scanners that operate horizontally to cover the front, the sides, and part of the back of the machines.

The optional 3-D Scan head allows a 500 x 500-mm field to be cut or etched in a single firing of the laser. according to Hirsch, the new 3-D Scan head is approximately 35% faster than the fixed model.

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