CET Color Launches Q5 Series UV Printing Presses

Both flatbed and hybrid models available.

CET Color (www.cetcolor.com) has introduced the Q5 series, a line of UV flatbed and hybrid printing presses. The series includes Ricoh Gen5 printheads, which feature grayscale printing with 600 dpi resolution, and an automatic height detection system that calibrates printhead distance for dot placement and image quality for varying media heights. An optional static suppression kit is available. Color configurations offered include CMYK + White and CMYKx2 + White. Max. print speeds range from 400 to 1152 sq ft/hr.

The Q5-series hybrids also handle roll or rigid media up to 2.25 in. thick and includes a vacuum bed and a retractable alignment bar. Available in three widths: the 64-in. Q5-250h, the 98-in. Q5-500h, and the 126-in. Q5-1000h. The Q5-500h and Q5-1000h are also available with one or two rows of printheads.

The Q5-series flatbeds support rigid media up to 4 in. thick and are available with two to 10 printheads. The flatbeds also feature a four-zone vacuum system and a reversible valve designed for easier loading and unloading. Available in three models of varying sizes: the Q5-250 (3.25 x 5 ft), the Q5-500 (4 x 8 ft), and the Q5-1000 (5 x 10 ft). The Q5-500 and Q5-1000 are also available with one or two rows of print-heads.

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