Color-Checking System


Mutoh ( announces the launch of Mutoh ColorVerify, an on-printer color checking system based on the company’s SpectroVue VM-10 spectrophotometer. The SpectroVue can be equipped to the new ValueJet 1324 and 1624 printers, and it comes standard with the ValueJet 1608 Hybrid printer. Mutoh says the system provides a quick and easy way to save time and money by verifying the printer’s color output before running a print job. Mutoh’s ColorVerify service provides a check for color drift, and Mutoh notes that the process takes just a few minutes to complete and can be done without sheeting off. ColorVerify also notifies the operator when the printer reproduces color consistently across the full platen width for multipanel jobs such as billboards, tradeshow murals, and vehicle wraps.

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