Computer-to-Screen System


Douthitt’s ( CTS Digital Screen Imager comes in three models to accommodate different frame sizes. CTS 30, CTS 50, and CTS 52 support image sizes up to 20 x 30, 50 x 30, and 50 x 40 in. (508 x 762, 1270 x 762, and 1270 x 1016 mm), respectively. Each uses phase-change inkjet technology and water-dispersable photoresist inks to print at resolutions from 600-1000 dpi and at speeds from 107 sq ft /hr (10 sq m/hr) at 600 dpi to 64.5 sq ft/hr (6 sq m/hr) at 1000 dpi. Douthitt says the systems support screen-to-screen registration of 0.001 in. (0.025 mm). Each direct-to-screen unit is compatible with Mac, PC, and UNIX platforms and can print from graphic-design and desktop-publishing applications. All models support frequency modulated screening and halftone resolutions as fine as 110 lines/in.

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