Condé Offers Socks for Dye-Sublimation

In three lengths, 95% polyester/5% Lycra blend.

Condé Systems has added Vapor Apparel’s Training, Crew, and Short style socks to its DyeTrans family of sublimatable products. The “Training” Vapor SubliSock offers an 11-inch leg length, the “Crew”Vapor SubliSock offers a 7-inch leg length, and the “Short” Vapor SubliSock offers a 3.5-inch leg length.

The SubliSocks are made of 95% polyester/5% Lycra and feature a black toe and heel flap. The available “Hockey” press insert (side/side sock transfers) and “Straight” press insert (front/back sock transfers) provide digital decorators the ability to stretch the sock during pressing, helping to minimize “grin-thru” of un-imaged white fabric that becomes visible when the socks are expanded over the wearer’s calf.


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