Creative Materials Launches Conductive Inks for Wearables

Requires no dielectric encapsulation for wash resistance.

Creative Materials has introduced its 127-48 series of conductive inks designed for manufacturing printed electronic circuits onto washable textiles. The inks are designed for direct printing onto synthetic fabrics including polyester, Spandex, and nylon for such applications as wearable electrodes, biosensors, pressure sensors, and conductive wire replacement. They are reported to be stretchable, breathable, resistant to creasing, and capable of withstanding a minimum of 50 wash/dry cycles with no need for dielectric encapsulation to ensure wash durability.

Three versions are available: 127-48, a highly conductive silver ink for use in smart textiles and wearable printed electronics; 127-48E, a medical silver/silver chloride ink; and 127-48LR, a carbon formulation. 

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