Diazo Sensitized Direct Emulsion

Chromaline Screen Print Products

CP Tex is Chromaline’s newest addition to its line of direct emulsion. The company says CP Tex exposes quickly with high resolution, is extremely durable, reclaimable with high-pressure water, offers excellent water resistance and coatability on a range of mesh counts, and has a high solids content (42% sensitized). The emulsion is designed for water-based, discharge, and plastisol inks and is suitable for long-run applications. CP Tex is available in gallon, 50-gal, and drum containers. Chromaline Screen Print Products, 4832 Grand Ave., Duluth, MN 55807, 218-628-2217, fax: 218-628-3245, e-mail: sales@chromaline.com, Web: www.chromaline.com.
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