Digital Decorating Class Hosted by Mind’s Eye Graphics

Presentations from Aaron Montgomery and Greg Kitson.

Mind’s Eye Graphics, a print shop out of Decatur, Indiana, will host the “How to Make Money with Digital Decorating” two-day class October 6-7. Mind’s Eye owner Greg Kitson will lead the class with industry veteran Aaron Montgomery. Attendees can expect classroom and hands-on education, with the event aimed at new business owners or current businesses looking to expand operations. A meet-and-greet is scheduled for Thursday evening before the workshop.

The class will cover equipment, products, and business. Topics include direct-to-garment, sublimation, transfer printing, print-and-cut vinyl, artwork, common digital decorating mistakes, costing and pricing, proactive sales, and more. Participants are encouraged to bring their own files to print during the hands-on portion of the workshop. Registration is now open.

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