Digital Printer with White Printing Capability

Copytrax launches of a PrintMaster “Rubens” Digital Flatbed Printer

 Copytrax launched a new PrintMaster “Rubens” digital flatbed printer that has the capability of being specified with a white printing module that enables white pre-coat and highlighting under colors. This new feature enhances vibrant color print to dark surfaces and provides for white text outline on black and dark colors.


The Copytrax PrintMaster offers a range of digital industrial inkjet printing machines that complement traditional screen-printing techniques. Capable of “Direct to surface” printing on anything from USB memory drives, plastic parts, CD promotion tins, CD / DVD discs, fascia panels, confectionery printing and even glass, the PrintMaster range offers a fast and flexible approach to low and medium volume production.

"This is a big step forward in this type of affordable digital print technology," said Steve Woods, Sales Manager at Copytrax. "As a modern replacement for screen printing, the PrintMaster is an impressive machine. With the new white ink module, our customers can now undertake an even wider range of designs and print to a wider range of materials.”

The white printing module consists of a specialist white ink set comprising of CMYK + 2 White. The Copytrax 'Stick' ink offers a formulation that penetrates the surface of the material, giving a greater adhesion over some of the new UV cure processes. This is also coupled with a less brittle surface, once cured. The PrintMaster also uses the Copytrax 'Infinity' ink system, that uses refillable tanks to ensure ease of use and low print costs.

"We have invested a lot of engineering time, experience and effort in this development," said Steve Woods. "It has been quite a challenge, but we are delighted with the end results and we have a number of customers that are very keen to adopt this new version of the PrintMaster."

The Copytrax PrintMaster is available in 3 formats; The PrintMaster Rubens (A3), The PrintMaster Dali (entry level) and the PrintMaster Monet (A4). Copytrax also provide a fast turn around facility for the production of bespoke jigs.


Copytrax is a leader in the development and manufacture of innovative digital print systems. The company provides digital print solution to a wide range of industries, providing modern alternatives to traditional screen-printing techniques. Copytrax is also a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of automated equipment for the duplication and printing of CD’s, DVD’s, HDVD’s and Flash Drives with over 60 man years’ of experience in developing duplication and printing systems for digital media.


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