Digital StoreFront Version 7 from EFI

Web-to-print software features advanced HTML5 tools.

Designed to provide an optimal online interface for printing companies, Digital StoreFront Version 7 from EFI features advanced HTML5 tools to enhance the Web-to-print customer experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Users can choose from a variety of pre-built layouts and themes as well as customize their storefronts using the software’s SmartStore builder; advanced HTML and CSS editing is also possible. According to EFI, the software provides seamless support across operating systems, browsers, and devices to deliver a consistent e-commerce experience for customers. Through the software’s VWeb+ module, users can create and manage comprehensive marketing campaigns, track customer response, and configure automated follow-up messages.

Digital StoreFront 7 is available in Cloud- or self-hosted versions and is fully compatible with EFI’s workflow-management software solutions.


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