Doming Resin

Chemque, Inc.

Chemque now offers a one-component polyurethane resin and the E-Dome 3100 XYZ Motion Dispensing System that, together, is said to produce attractive, 3-D, tactile, high-gloss finishes in a variety of thicknesses for both indoor and outdoor applications. The system also can be used for regular doming, microdoming, and microscripting parts as thin as 0.08 in. (2 mm). Chemque says that E-Dome 1K resins have none of the issues related to slow cure, moisture sensitivity, mixing, solvent flushing, and resin waste common to the two-component resin doming technologies. E-Dome can be used to dome labels, decals, specialty advertising products, and other specialty graphics applications, such as fleet graphics, car wraps, trade-show exhibits, P-O-P/retail displays, consumer packing, signs, brochures, and other marketing materials. The E-Dome 1K resins are part of Chemque’s EARTH APPROVED initiative, as they do not contain mercury, mercury salts or other heavy metals, or isocyanates. The resins also are RoHS, ELV, and WEEE compliant. Chemque, Inc., 266 Humberline Dr., Rexdale, ON, Canada M9W 5X1, 416-679-5676, 800-268-6111, fax: 416-679-0511, Web:

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