Drawing the Line on Designs

Is political correctness running wild in our society?

These days, it seems that no news broadcast or Website is complete without a report about a public figure saying or doing something that raises eyebrows. Welcome to the era of the gaffe, folks. What is the fascination with slips of the tongue, missteps, and mistakes? Can we no longer say things that are even mildly controversial? Must we have public-relations experts on hand every time we share an opinion that might not play well with others? What about when we simply goof up?

These questions all point to a much bigger one—and it actually is of relevance and consequence to print-service providers of all kinds: Is political correctness running wild in our society?

How does this relate to printing? Well, where do you draw the line on designs? Is a print job a print job, no matter the content? Or do you have some sort of guidelines about graphical content or language that dictate when to reject a job?

Please click here to weigh in on a quick poll about this subject. If you’d like to discuss your shop's policies with me in detail, please send me an e-mail.

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