Drytac Introduces a Printable Silver Base film for UV Printers

Drytac's MHL High Gloss Silver

Drytac has added a silver base film to its product line that is printable by most UV flatbed printers. MHL High Gloss Silver is a thermal, metallic base film that can mimic the look of metallic inks or foil stamping when white inks are partially or totally knocked out.

MHL High Gloss Silver is a 1.5 mil (30 µm) film that has a silver metallic finish. It can be applied using a heated roller laminator like the JetMounter JM63Pro. After it is applied, it can be printed with a UV flatbed printer to achieve a metallic ink effect depending on how much white ink is used. It can also achieve the look of foil stamping or foiled papers when the ink is completely knocked out, exposing the silver finish.

Applications for MHL High Gloss Silver include anywhere the look of metallic ink is needed without the expense. It can also be used as a more cost-effective, time saving alternative to foiled paper in point of purchase or packaging prototype applications.

Drytac has many new MHL thermal laminate films, including a scratch resistant finish, velvet finish and biodegradable finishes.


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