Durst European Clients, Press Get Glimpse of Printing Innovations

The Durst ‘Inkjet Innovations Days’ event draws a full house at the Lienz, Austria facility.

Durst’s Inkjet Innovations Days provided both information and inspiration for more than 120 of Europe’s leading commercial imagers and trade journalists who gathered last week at the company's research and manufacturing complex for the two-day event – which featured lectures, technology demonstrations and a glimpse of things to come.

“We were delighted by the response we received for the event,” said Michael Lackner, Durst’s Worldwide Director of Marketing. “We were fully subscribed with guests and the response to the program met with universal approval. Although Inkjet Innovations Days was intended as a one-off event, I believe it is something that could become an annual part of the Durst calendar.”

The event included a series of informative and entertaining lectures by some of the industry’s leading authorities on digital and inkjet printing. The speakers covered such subjects as “The Future of Large Format Inkjet,” “Web-to-Print” and “New Business Models.” Dr. Markus Lorenz, Partner and Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group, Munich; Matteo Rigamonti, President of the Italian Web-to-Print pioneer Pixartprinting; and Bernd Payer of PKF Consulting GmbH, who led his own successful printing company in Austria for 15 years before becoming a consultant; all stood at the podium to address the audience.

For information about any of the lectures, featured products or innovations presented during the Inkjet Innovations Days event, please contact Erika Jud at Durst: e.jud@durst-online.at


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