Durst Releases High-Speed UV Flatbed Printer

The high-productivity Rho 1312.

The Rho 1312 from Durst (www.durstus.com) is a high-productivity UV flatbed inkjet printer, with top quoted print speeds over 6600 sq ft/hr. The 1312 features the firm’s Quadro Array 12-pL printheads with over 80,000 nozzles in the inkjet carriage, enabling fast print speeds at 1000-dpi resolution. The printer incorporates Durst’s Gradual Flow Printing, a series of media-transport advancements including a stronger vacuum, wider transport belt, and improved registration for better performance on more difficult substrates including corrugated boards and heat-sensitive materials. A registration table loads boards onto the printer using a mechanical two-point pin-registration system. Left and right registration on the feeder allows boards to be printed in parallel side by side. Printing in register on the front and reverse sides of boards is possible and the automatic takeoff unit can also handle two parallel stacks. The standard ink configuration is CMYK; options include light cyan/light magenta and the firm’s PCA process colors (orange/green or orange/violet).

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